Our Cybersecurity Mission

SEIT Lab (SEcure and Intelligent Things Lab) in Computer Science and Engineering department at Michigan State University is directed by Prof. Qiben Yan. Our mission is to develop and integrate Secure and Intelligent Things in human lives to enrich living experience and foster creative connections for a better world. The lab conducts research on security and privacy issues of Internet-of-Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical, and AI Systems, with the current emphases on IoT/CPS security, wireless and mobile network security, blockchain system security, and AI system security. We build data-driven secure network infrastructure, we provide security guarantee for the modern IoT/CPS systems under cyber threats, and we safeguard AI models and blockchain ecosystem.

Security Posts

Representative Papers

[ACM Mobicom 2023] MASTERKEY: Practical Backdoor Attack Against Speaker Verification Systems.

[Arxiv 2023] A Comprehensive Survey on Pretrained Foundation Models: A History from BERT to ChatGPT.

[ACM CSUR 2023] Security Defense For Smart Contracts: A Comprehensive Survey.

[RAID 2023] Understanding Multi-Turn Toxic Behaviors in Open-Domain Chatbots.

[ACM SIGMOD 2023] Graph Learning for Interactive Threat Detection in Heterogeneous Smart Home Rule Data.

[ACM CCS 2022] SpecPatch: Human-In-The-Loop Adversarial Audio Spectrogram Patch Attack on Speech Recognition.

[ACM AsiaCCS 2022] SUPERVOICE: Text-Independent Speaker Verification Using Ultrasound Energy in Human Speech

[NDSS 2022] GhostTalk: Interactive Attack on Smartphone Voice System Through Power Line.

[USENIX 2022] DoubleStar: Long-Range Attack Towards Depth Estimation based Obstacle Avoidance in Autonomous Systems

[ACM Sensys 2021] NELoRa: Towards Ultra-low SNR LoRa Communication with Neural-enhanced Demodulation

[NDSS 2020] SurfingAttack: Interactive Hidden Attack on Voice Assistants Using Ultrasonic Guided Wave

IoT Security and Privacy

Wireless physical-layer security; IoT device and platform security; Next generation wireless and spectrum security.

Mobile Security

Mobile system security; Mobile malware detection; Mobile Apps security analysis; Mobile privacy.

System Security

AI security; Blockchain; Cyber Threat Intelligence; Differential privacy.